May 26, 2016

Chug-clink, chug-clink, chug-clink. The lower tracks of the Alexandra Bridge in central Ottawa reverberate like a Midway roller coaster as vehicles thunk along below. 


From the iron crossties of the Canadian Pacific Rail to the steel wires at your local orthodontist, it is a known fact that tracks are made to take a heavy load. This is no exception in the window cleaning world.


Take a look at thes...

This week we got in touch with Master Gardener Dot Brand to ask for her advice on how to create a window arrangement that will brighten your room and attract compliments from the neighbours. Here’s the science:


1) Choose plants that will thrive in the light they receive from the windowsill

Not all sills were made equal - consider the movement of the sun relative to your window sill. Between the lat...

May 14, 2016

This is a part of a new series on some of the day-to-day experiences we have on the field!


With a name like Ottawa Student Windows, people are often surprised to learn that one of our favourite jobs is eavestrough cleaning!


We can probably account this to the satisfaction of seeing how different your eavestroughs look before and after in images such as this one. Taken in Glebe, this shot shows an...

May 8, 2016

Exciting announcement from Ottawa Student Windows!

We have introduced a brand new quote form! Thanks to the folks at Responsibid, we are now able to offer instant, on-the-spot quotes for all window cleaning and gutter services.


Thats right, these quotes are completely hassle-free, which means an easier experience for you. Less finagling, confusion and no more time waiting for our response. On our...

May 4, 2016

A blooming bed of orchids adorns the interior of the bay windows at the front of my grandmothers house. To me, they are an exhalation of life from a woman who raised three boys and supported six grandchildren, who combs auras over the ill and pours tea at each family gathering.


For my grandmother, they are her mane and pride. At countless family gatherings she will remind us that her neighbours wa...

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