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ottawa window cleaners

Our Team

Meet the Team

ottawa window cleaning student

Matt Graves

Owner & Operator

Matt is going into his 3rd year of Commerce at Queen's University and is thrilled to have been running Ottawa Student Windows for the past three years. He believes that he has assembled an extraordinary team of local students who will provide none to other quality window cleaning and customer service to many residents in the region.

"We have grown exceptionally as a company since just last year. Looking forward to another great season of window cleaning!"

ottawa window cleaning student

Elliott Brand

Director, Marketing and Sales

Elliott is going into his 3rd year of Commerce at Queen's University and is excited to be joining the team as the Director of Marketing and Administration. He loves music, is a firm believer in teaching yourself, and listens to everything (especially the advice of his mother). Elliott looks forward to moving to Ottawa for the summer to take on this job and discover the meaning of life!

"All my life people have thought that I've been staring out of windows, dreaming about my future. The reality is that I've been looking right at the panes themselves."

ottawa window cleaning student

Nickho Croteau

Senior Window Cleaning Specialist

Nickho is going to attending Ottawa U for his second year in human kinetics in the Fall. In his spare time, Nickho enjoys being active and playing sports such as hockey, volleyball, soccer and golf. Nickho is working very hard to fund his own education and truly enjoys working at Ottawa Student Windows alongside similar peers in hissituation. Nickho has already taken great strides to develop new channels of business for the company.

“Most people don’t enjoy cleaning the basement windows; I on the other hand love to! It can sometimes be like a mini obstacle course to get at it properly and I’ve always been a huge fan of obstacle courses since I was little.”

ottawa window cleaning student

Kwame Agyei

Window Cleaning Specialist

Kwame is currently studying Biopharmeceutical Medicine at the University of Ottawa. He looks forward to waking up every morning because his favourite meal of the day is breakfast, and enjoys the bright morning sun during an early day window clean. Kwame is an avid music fan, and is known for updating the album cover art on his phone religiously.

"My favourite job is working on bungalow windows. Nothing feels like home quite like a classic single story set-up, and nothing is more satisfying than seeing a crystal clear bay window when the job is done."

ottawa window cleaning student

Frank Dignard

Window Cleaning Specialist

Frank is a student at the University of Ottawa heading into his 3rd year of Nursing. His desire to help people is not only reflected by his field of study, but also the excellent customer service that he brings to every job. Frank believes consistency is a key to success as such he is dedicated to give quality window cleaning service every time. He is a strong hard working man with a comical attitude, always ready for new challenges.

"My favourite part of the job is getting to speak to the clients after we are finished cleaning their windows. There's nothing like seeing a smile on someones face after a job well done. Make's me proud to be cleaning windows here in my hometown of Ottawa!"

ottawa window cleaning student

Adamo Pietrantonio

Window Cleaning Specialist

Adamo is currently preparing for his third year of business with a concentration in finance, at Carleton university. He enjoys playing sports and watching sports in his spare time. He is working with Ottawa Student Windows to enjoy the outdoors before being stuck behind a desk for the rest of his life, as well as fund his final competitive hockey season that is approaching in the fall.

"My favourite part of the job is getting to soak up a nice tan with some friends. Everyone here at Ottawa Student Windows is easy to get along with and happy to be at the job - it makes a world of difference to be cleaning windows here every day."

ottawa window cleaning student

James Hughes

Window Cleaning Specialist

Hailing from Manotick, James is currently studying Biomedical Mechanical Engineering at University of Ottawa. His desire for endeavour and courage extends to every window he squeegees, and is best embodied by the quote: “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys to unlock the door to personal excellence”.

"There's no greater joy in life then getting at those eavestroughs. Like peeling glue off your hands in grade school or getting at those final bits of a scratch card, theres a satisfaction in making them look new. You often don't realize just how dirty your gutters are until you see a job well done!"

ottawa window cleaning student

Wassim Zaïbak

Window Cleaning Specialist

A Barrhaven local, Wassim is currently studying Business Administation at Algonquin College. He is a big people-person, and hopes to apply his entrepreneurial spirit as a part-time salesman for Ottawa Student Windows. Wassim can often be seen wearing his baseball cap while driving around Ottawa - don't be fooled by the team logos though, Wassim is more a fan of fine flat-tops than the sport.

"I really enjoy accomodating interesting challenges to my job. For example, the other day I worked a client that was dealing with some pollen on his windows. Luckily we were able to use some special formula and a bit of elbow grease to get those windows nice and clean. "

ottawa window cleaning student

Morgan Evans

Window Cleaning Specialist

Hailing from Guelph, Morgan studies Psychology at Carleton University and hopes to apply his experience to help develop sales efforts for Ottawa Student Windows. He hopes to use this summer to finance his education and develop a better idea of how he can launch his web design company

"So far, my favourite part of the job is planning ladder positioning at tricky jobsites. I always liked puzzles as a kid so this is right up my alley."

ottawa window cleaning student

Katherine Greene

Administration & Sales Representative

Katherine is going into her 1st year of Environmental Science at Queen's University and is very excited to be joining the Ottawa Student Windows team as an Admin & Sales Representative this summer. She is thrilled that Ottawa Student Windows has engaged in environmentally friendly practices, especially given her keen interest in environmental sustainability. You can most often find Katherine throwing around a frisbee or enjoying the great outdoors on a beautiful summer day.

"You can't truly appreciate the world through a dirty window pane. You'll see a world of difference looking through a pristine, freshly cleaned window , trust me!"

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