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Window Cleaning Ottawa

Introducing the best window washing experience in the Ottawa region.

window cleaning ottawa

Your view is our specialty

For over three years, Ottawa Student Windows has been Ottawa's preferred choice for residential window cleaning. We attribute our success to our focus on customer service and our unique three-point contact window washing service.  

Let you with a window cleaning service that will re-illuminate your home. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and will not leave until you are satisfied.

What our services can do for you

Cleaning windows is where we got our name. We know that you value a job done to your expectations as much as us - that is why we offer multiple window cleaning services and allow for each job to be entirely tailored to your needs.


We charge by the number of window panes that need to be cleaned and whether or not you would like both the interior and exterior done, allowing you to fully customize your window cleaning experience.



  1. Windows are washed and squeegeed

  2. Windows are polished using a 3 micro-fiber system

  3. Window frames and sills are wiped and cleaned

  1. Includes all the features of the Exterior Service

  2. All screens are removed and cleaned outside your home

  3. All window tracks and inner frames are wiped and cleaned

WHAT MAKES US OTTAWA's BEST? Customer service.

There is something very unique about our approach to window cleaning. For any job our window cleaners take on, we always ensure to double check our work after it is complete. If you are home while we are washing your windows, we will always invite you to join us as we walk you through the final product. 


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