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On the Job #2: Tricky Tracks

Chug-clink, chug-clink, chug-clink. The lower tracks of the Alexandra Bridge in central Ottawa reverberate like a Midway roller coaster as vehicles thunk along below.

track cleaning ottawa

From the iron crossties of the Canadian Pacific Rail to the steel wires at your local orthodontist, it is a known fact that tracks are made to take a heavy load. This is no exception in the window cleaning world.

Take a look at these tracks that we cleaned last week in Bayshore. Over time, windows and window frames collect dirt and dust from the air. While some will wear the shine off of your glass, most of these particles end up falling down to the gaps and grooves of your window tracks.

The result is that the tracks become a growing basin for dirt that will build up and crust over until finally dealt with. Lucky for our Ottawa window cleaners, this happens to be one of the more satisfying jobs thanks to the stunning results a bit of washing brings.

As for this Bayshore home, the bevy of tools on Matt’s work belt, a bit of creativity, and the support of the wonderful homeowners allowed us to get these windows and tracks looking perfectly pristine once again.

Track cleaning comes included in our interior and exterior package. Learn how we can help you by checking out our instant, hassle-free quote form!

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