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A Growing Team

window cleaners

The latest additions to our team practicing a "secret handshakes" - sure to be the start of a great summer of window cleaning and sales.


For the past few weeks, Ottawa residents may have seen a few unfamiliar faces among the many window cleaners who compose the Ottawa Student Windows team. Morgan and Wassim, pictured above have just finished their training, and are now equipped to make Ottawa windows bright and clean (and eavestroughs too!)

All paid training involves a full ladder safety module, as well as multiple sessions of in-job guidance with the owner Matt. Everything is capped off by a rundown on how to ensure that every client is left with a satisfying experience.

These boys will also be active on our new sales team. The summer weather has arrived and it's time to get out there and make sure that Ottawa is aware of the services we offer - no potential windows left unclean! Morgan and I did our first run out in Riverside South the other day. The tight knit community is one of our favourites - we love getting calls from friends of happy clients hearing about how they are interested in getting their windows cleaned by us because they enjoyed our service!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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