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Ottawa Student Windows Bling

Uniforms: The classic polo is out and new, sleek t-shirts have been ordered. These cotton-fits should offer a more breathable experience for our hard working window cleaners, especially in the humid August air. This should help especially for eavestrough jobs that require concentration over hot tarry shingles. The professional polos will now be passed on to our sales team.

Door Hangers: These guys are one of our biggest assets for door-to-door sales runs. Ottawa is a busy city - naturally, our sales team will always be greeted by the occasional empty house. With the new door hangers just ordered, our team can write down estimates for eavestrough and exterior jobs based on the profile of the front of each house to make sure that everybody has an estimate!

Thank You Cards: Every job helps to bring our hard working students back to school in the fall. This is part of the reason why we want to make sure every client knows how much their business means to us. Thank you cards are one way we do this - signed by our cleaners, they are given out after every job!

Business Cards: As young entrepreneurs, we would be incomplete without a set of business cards to help promote our brand. Recently ordered, these cards will help us develop those industry connections that will keep us in tune with trends and on track to summer-proof more windows!

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