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The Season is Over...And We Are Ready for Another!

We are well on our way through September. School has started, and our crew of window cleaners are returning to the books.

Our summer ended with a bang. Early season clients called us back for an end-of-summer window clean. Nothing like a bright new view to see the reddening palette of fall leaves. In the meantime, late season rain brought a glut of new eavestrough jobs. From Greely to the Glebe, Ottawa homeowners discovered that they had been forgetting to clean out their gutters the hard way, as overflowing eavestroughs resulted in flooding backyards.

Carrying through on the success of the past months, we are now operating on a fall cleaning schedule. That's right! We are still cleaning windows and clearing eavestroughs through the Fall season.

Window cleaning is a popular option in the fall for clients who have had their windows cleaned by us earlier in the season. A heavy summer of sprinklers and gardening can leave a layer of residue on the window pane. For this reason, a student window cleaning in the fall will do wonders in revealing the bright colours of the fall leaves.

As October approaches, we also suggest you look at cleaning out your eavestroughs. Often, clients will wait until all the fall leaves have fallen. This is preferable if you have had your eavestroughs cleaned out in the late spring or summer. However, eavestroughs that are already overflowing can be damaged by falling leaves and downpour. Either way, we recommend that you plan for a gutter cleaning before the frost comes and freezes any clogged water and debris that may be sitting in your gutters!

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