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Inside the World of Windows: A Secret Society

It wouldn't take a historian to document how pop culture has been shaped by our profound fascination with secret societies in the last century. The Mafia, Illuminati, bike gangs: films and literature have gripped our consciousness with stories of underground worlds that go unnoticed in our day-to-day pursuits.

ottawa student window washers

Today, I will introduce you to one you may not have heard about before, one that you may even see lurking outside your window: the underground culture of window cleaners and window cleaning enthusiasts.

Having recently entered the window cleaning industry myself, I am amazed by the size and passion of this group of individuals. These are folks that loop their laces every February for the annual International Window Cleaning Conference in Florida: individuals who have worked lifetimes to develop the latest technologies to make the job safer and more effective for people like us.

On, we offer one another advice on polishing off windows, exchange before-and-after shots of the most criminally untended windows, and even chat about music and movies. Last Friday, rcproperty lay claim to the most houses in a row - a staggering two hundred twenty. Urban legend or window-cleaning-god, we may never know.

As Ottawa Student Windows prepares for a new year of sparkling windows and happy students, it is comforting to know that we have the support of an entire community at our fingertips to keep us ahead with the latest industry trends. We look forward to bringing this all to your doorstep this summer!

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