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On the Job #1: Glebe Gutter

professional eavestrough cleaning

This is a part of a new series on some of the day-to-day experiences we have on the field!

With a name like Ottawa Student Windows, people are often surprised to learn that one of our favourite jobs is eavestrough cleaning!

We can probably account this to the satisfaction of seeing how different your eavestroughs look before and after in images such as this one. Taken in Glebe, this shot shows an eavestrough full of tar and residue. Over time clogged eavestroughs such as this one can cause damage to the roof and flooding in your basements.

How do you get a tar-filled gutter like the one seen in this photo? People are often surprised to learn that eavestroughs collect more than just leaves, dust and dirt from the air - they also collect shingles!

Over time, as shingles wear, they begin to break down. Rain and wind will push this residue down to the gutters. On hot summer days, the shingle residue will melt and your eavestroughs will become full of a hot, sticky asphalt mess!

Luckily out (aptly named) professional gutter cleaner will get the job done. Last year we cleaned over 50 eavestroughs across Ottawa similar to this one taken in the Glebe. We are hoping to double that number this summer!

Check out our hassle-free, instant quote form to learn how we can offer you some peace of mind with your eavestroughs while making those exterior and interior windows bright and clear for the summer ahead!

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