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Getting Ready

Down here in Kingston, the bright blue sky signals more than just good weather and the end of another school year. The window cleaning season is upon us, and without the library to confine us, another summer of entrepreneurship will define us.

blue skies window cleaning

It’s been a busy few weeks for Matt and I. Exams are in full heat, so we’ve been hard at work studying up on Finance, International Business and Economics.

Outside of school, a few exciting Ottawa Student Window projects in the pipeline have been keeping us hard at work. For one, we are currently in touch with a local Ottawa organization working out the details for a community involvement initiative that we are very excited to be announcing over the course of the next few weeks.

Above that, quote requests have begun to flow in for our window cleaning and eavestrough services through our new 30-Second Quote Form (check out Mega-Matt!). While we aren’t planning on starting business until April heaves its final sighs, we are hard at work getting in touch with prospective clients to book appointments for the beginning of May.

Finally, we are in the final stages of selecting the best and brightest Ottawa students to clean windows and lead our team for the coming summer.

For us, this is more than just a window cleaning company – Ottawa Student Windows is an opportunity for myself and my team to apply our creativity and enthusiasm to a real life project. We want to show what a good business is capable of, both in terms of offering the best service to customers and giving back to the community.

Suffice to say, the potential for new opportunity is satiating our excitement for the coming months. Look forward to keeping you updated!

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