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Brand New Quote Form + Mother's Day

Exciting announcement from Ottawa Student Windows!

Instant, Hassle-Free Quote

We have introduced a brand new quote form! Thanks to the folks at Responsibid, we are now able to offer instant, on-the-spot quotes for all window cleaning and gutter services.

Thats right, these quotes are completely hassle-free, which means an easier experience for you. Less finagling, confusion and no more time waiting for our response. On our end this means that we can now respond to all requests in a shorter period of time because we will have less in terms of estimating to do. Of course, if you would like to do it the old way you can always give us a call at 613-854-WASH and we will walk you through your window cleaning experience exactly how you would like it done.

In unrelated news, its Mother's Day! On behalf of the team, we wanted to wish you all mothers and motherly figures a great day. I myself will be giving my mother out in Halifax a call after making this post :)

All the best and hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend. Don't forget to give us a call for you window cleaning in Ottawa needs!

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