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Our Ladder Lineup

Our team at Ottawa Student Windows has strong a lineup of multi-purpose, versatile ladders which are put to use daily and adjusted based on the property that is being serviced. Our top ladders are the articulating ladder, the extension ladder, and the 6-foot ladder. Keep reading for a snapshot of each of these ladder's perks and stories of their being put to good use on the job!

From the left: 6-foot ladder, articulating ladder

Articulating Ladder

The team's favourite multi functional ladder, the articulating ladder, was put to great use this week due to its adaptability in all situations. This ladder's abilities were put to the test at a lovely client's Ottawa Central home, where the team was thrown a curveball in the form of a tricky window matrix. The articulating ladder was able to get the job done, unlike normal ladders which would not be able to reach the panes without causing damage to the exterior of the home. Our client was left with beautifully clean windows to allow the beaming summer rays cast over the nation's capital brighten her home.

Extension Ladder

The extension ladder is versatile due to its easy extendibility - this makes it ideal for use on some of the multiple story homes Ottawa Student Windows services. It is also the ideal ladder for rescuing an adventurous cat who has managed to get himself stuck in a tree. These ladders are perfect for a cat rescuer's tool belt and we are proud to have them in our lineup to be prepared for any situation the team is faced with!

6-foot Ladder

And finally, the 6-foot ladder - sturdy, yet versatile. This member of the Ottawa Student Windows ladder armada is small but mighty. Ideal for windows at lower heights - for bungalows and mid-sized homes serviced in the Ottawa region. The wide set legs provide great balance keeping our guys safe while cleaning any hard to reach areas to ensure every inch of your pane is sparkling and that your screens, tracks and troughs are spotless!

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