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Fall for Thought

The fall, although many of us will not want to admit it……is fast approaching. Like every year, Ottawa turns into a picture perfect mosaic of warm coloured leaves.

You may find yourself venturing out to Gatineau Park, walking along the picturesque Pink Lake, Wolf Trail or exploring the Mackenzie King Estate. But back at home, the once beautiful, chlorophyll green leaves have transformed and fallen. Waiting to be raked away.

Hiding from plain sight, however, up in the attics of the roof, lie piles of unnoticed leaves collecting in your eavestroughs. The leaves and other fall debris hide there, without you noticing until one day….a big storm comes. You find yourself scrambling about as water pours over the sides of the eavestroughs, your downspout, unable to sustain the amount of water flowing and filled with leaves breaks and water spurts out uncontrollably. Trust me, you do not want this to be you.

Now is the time to start thinking about getting your eavestroughs cleaned. If you are interested please give us a call at (613) 854-9274 and we would be more than happy to provide you with a quote to get those eaves beautifully clean with a hand removal of debris and a gentle pressure wash to flush out the troughs and the downspouts. And not to worry, all of the debris will be bagged and removed - no hassle for you! Not only will you be prepared for any rain storm, but you can have piece of mind knowing that you have been taken care of by our professional, friendly and efficient teams!

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